Fathers Wanted, Fathers Needed

by | Jun 18, 2021 | Life

This Father’s Day finds me crossing an unfamiliar threshold. My oldest son Caleb is a newly minted high school graduate and is taking his next step toward greater independence in this great big world.

This emerging season has caused considerable reflection for his mom and me. It illuminates the nagging question nestled deep within the mind and heart of every committed parent: “Have I done enough to prepare my child to face the world on their own?”

Will my son be ready for “adulting”? Will he make the right decisions academically, spiritually, sexually, vocationally, etc. once he has flown the Crane nest?

I’m reminded of a brief exchange Caleb and I had many years ago when he was only about 3-years-old. We were getting ready for church, and he needed some extra help getting his pants on and his shirt buttoned. After getting him buttoned up, he simply said, “Thank you, Dad!”

In that moment I caught a glimpse of the larger role of the Father. Ephesians 6:10-17 talks about the importance of girding ourselves with the armor of God.

Despite what certain voices in the culture might have us believe, men matter. And the statistics verify, that fathers matter in the lives of children. God has commissioned us to be the point men for the generations who come behind us.

Certainly, I don’t always get it right. And unfortunately, there are too many kids today that don’t have a consistent father present in their lives. But to paraphrase this PSA video, “You don’t have to be perfect to be a perfect father.” And the role of the father in the life of any child is a high calling indeed. Be encouraged. Stay the course!